Education Cybersecurity: How Leaders Should Address Rapid Rise of Ransomware

By Allen Jenkins, InterVision on January 10, 2023

Although the first quarter of 2022 experienced a concerning rise in ransomware — including double the number of 2021 Q1 attacks — many education institutions still neglect to address gaps in their education cybersecurity protocols. K-12 education institutions have only “modestly” improved their cybersecurity over the past five years, according to K12 Security Information Exchange’s annual report on cybersecurity.

Education cybersecurity continues to lag behind the offensive capabilities of emerging bad actors. Industry research finds that encryption-based attacks are more successful against educational institutions than organizations in other sectors (73% vs. 65% success rate). Several breached K-12 and higher education institutions take more than three months to recover. With many principals struggling with teacher shortages, administrators don’t have time to lose on cyber-recovery.


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