Webinar Replay: Optimizing Your AWS Investment

AWS Optimize Costs

A 2020 IDG survey found that “controlling cloud costs” was the most common challenge preventing organizations from taking full advantage of public cloud. Cloud cost management requires unique expertise and often cloud teams are too busy to focus on the technical and operational processes necessary to control and reduce costs. This issue coupled with complex billing and lack of spend visibility can lead to cloud sprawl, stalled migrations, and eroded confidence in cloud strategies.

InterVision’s AWS experts will cover the most common financial complexities that organizations face when migrating to the cloud and practical guidance on how to address them.

Watch the replay to gain insights on:

  1. Best practices in cloud architecture and governance to control and reduce costs
  2. Optimizing spend through a Financial Operations (FinOps) approach
  3. A guaranteed approach to identify 30% cost savings in AWS