Tackling AWS Network Security


Status Go Podcast: Episode 6

“The traditional networking and security teams have not had a role in the AWS deployments.” – Kevin Brick

Status Go Podcast: Episode 6

You have to have both sides coming together and working together, that means the application and the DevOps teams working alongside the security teams.” – Paul Clement

Status Go Podcast: Episode 6

“We built a tool that accelerates the process and helps those teams along the learning curve.” – Kevin Brick

Episode 6: Tackling  AWS Network Security

How do you bring your Cloud and DevOps teams together with traditional Network and Security teams – both speaking two different languages, essentially – to build the perfect world in AWS?  Alicia Gaba, Vice President of Marketing, talks with Paul Clement, Director of Cloud & Automation Services and Kevin Brick, Senior Systems Engineer, on tackling the ultimate challenge of AWS Network Security.  They discuss the shared security model, differences in traditional data centers vs. AWS and how to bring both sides together to achieve the fundamental goal: fitting traditional security disciplines into the AWS environment without sacrificing speed and agility.


Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:00 The challenge behind AWS network security

3:25 Traditional datacenter vs. the AWS environment

5:50 How DevOps & Cloud teams work with traditional Network & Security teams

8:48 Bridging the gap between the goals of both teams

14:56 The new AWS Transit Gateway Service

16:30 Advice for teams up-leveling their security in the AWS environment

1:00 Summary



Paul Clement, Director, Cloud & Automation Services at InterVision,  helps IT executives increase agility from their existing technology stacks by accelerating their team’s adoption of automation tools and processes.

Paul has been providing business forward IT solutions for over 18 years.  His true talent lies is in taking difficult technological concepts and breaking them down into consumable, logical bites; creating a complete solution for his client’s to achieve their business objectives (and beyond).

Kevin Brick,  a Senior Systems Engineer with InterVision, has over 20 years of experience designing and deploying traditional data center solutions for some of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. Kevin is currently helping customers drive their Digital Transformation initiatives by bringing his unique knowledge and experience in networking and security to the cloud.

Kevin holds his Palo Alto Networks PCSNSE certification and is passionate about bringing automation and Infrastructure as Code practices to networking and security solutions.

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