Is Hybrid Cloud Real?


Status Go Podcast: Episode 7

“Cloud is not a solution; it is a methodology, a model.” – Kevin Barker

Status Go Podcast: Episode 7

“You’ve got to make sure that some of your deployment and your automation and your migration tools are also going to work across all of your cloud environments.” – Kevin Barker

Status Go Podcast: Episode 7

“It’s Hotel California — it’s easy to check in, but you can’t check out.” – Kevin Barker

Episode 6: Is Hybrid Cloud Real?

Jamie Lee, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Kevin Barker, Senior Technical Director, come together to alleviate fears around the implementation of a hybrid cloud strategy.  Jamie and Kevin define exactly what hybrid cloud is and what it is not.  They also cover common pitfalls of hybrid cloud implementation and give you proper planning principles and management techniques to mitigate or alleviate those challenges.  In short, a well designed hybrid cloud strategy can make business processes and outcomes more effective and successful.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

0:43 Background1:38 What is cloud?4:59 What is hybrid cloud?7:06 The biggest challenges with hybrid cloud8:41 The time and resources involved in moving to a virtual environment9:46 Finding the right partner13:17 The number one source of migration issues16:17 Public cloud security17:26 Managing public cloud19:45 The future of hybrid cloud24:36 Summary

With over 35 years in IT Kevin Barker, Senior Technical Director, has led numerous multi-million dollar integration projects for companies such as Hilton Hotels, WellPoint, Health Networks and Monsanto.

Kevin has a keen ability for presenting complex technical concepts and solutions in a understandable and practical manner, assisting his clients in linking solutions to business objectives.  Kevin’s experience spans operations, applications and infrastructure and he excels at all levels of project management: design, implementation, deployment and support.



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