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Status Go Podcast: Episode 12

” If you don’t have a story and you don’t have a true ROI and a value picture painted for your customer, then you are doing them a disservice.  You have to really be focused on delivering and defining that value for the customer.  It can’t be tech for the sake of tech.” – Brad Fruth

Status Go Podcast: Episode 12

” The only true competitive advantage is your ability to change faster than your competition.” – Brad Fruth

Status Go Podcast: Episode 12

” When you drive by a farm, know there is probably more technology on that farm than you have in your office building; these are extremely modern and advanced businesses.” – Brad Fruth

Episode 12: Tech-Powered Agriculture

As our guest, Brad Fruth, Information Systems Manager at Beck’s Hybrids, points out in this episode of Status Go, there is no longer a delineation between digital agriculture and agriculture.  Agricultural organizations, large and small, are technologically advanced, data driven, digital forward companies; in fact, they must be in order to remain competitive in the industry.  Brad sits down with host, Jeff Ton, to talk about the growth of Beck’s Hybrids and the prominent role technology has played in that development.  Additionally, Brad tells us about Beck’s long standing, value-driven customer focus and how they plan to maintain their competitive edge through continuous innovation.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

0:40 Brad’s background and the growth of Beck’s Hybrids

1:54 The farming culture among employees at Beck’s Hybrids

4:22 The evolution of IT Leadership and their “seat at the table.”

7:15 What did Digital Transformation look like 15 years ago as compared to today

9:38 The focus on delivering and defining value for the customer

11:31 Weather data: an example of true, unique value driven by customer needs

13:39 Agriculture, Data and IoT

18:05 Innovation requirements: a mix of those living the industry as well as fresh perspectives

19:34 The competitive edge

20:55 Exposing Agriculture as a technology powerhouse

24:10 Summary


As Information Systems Manager at Beck’s Hybrids, Brad Fruth works vigorously to deliver value to the American farmer. For more than 14 years, Brad has dedicated his days (and nights) to delivering the successful convergence of IT, data, and precision agriculture. As a passionate advocate for agricultural, Brad is actively engaged in initiatives throughout the state of Indiana. He sees increased access to rural broadband and focused collaboration across various sectors as key initiatives to bridging the gap between technology and agriculture.  Brad currently serves as the Food and Agriculture Sector Chief for Indiana Infragard and resides on his family hog farm in Miami County, Indiana.

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