Building A Strategic IT Team


Status Go Podcast: Episode 11

” The question that everyone is asking right now is how do I truly go faster?  Go faster means I need to innovate faster.” – Noor Lodhi

Status Go Podcast: Episode 11

” You have to evolve and evolve fast.  That means your future state needs to be well defined.” – Noor Lodhi

Status Go Podcast: Episode 11

” Great IT leaders have a huge responsibility to make sure they are creating the platform for innovation in their organization.” – Noor Lodhi

Episode 11: Building A Strategic IT Team

Today IT leadership and IT teams are evolving nearly as fast as technology itself.  As the pressure for more strategic and rapid innovation mounts, how do you ensure you are building a team that is up for the challenge, has the right skill sets and is motivated to advance the overall business objectives?

InterVision’s own Noor Lodhi, Vice President of Solutions Engineering, and Alicia Gaba, Vice President of Marketing, answer this question and more.  In this episode:  peer into the mind of today’s IT engineers and understand their expectations,  learn the right time to outsource vs. retrain vs. hire, and find out the one tactic to implement immediately.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:57 How has the evolution of he IT industry impacted talent requirements

3:10 The role of an IT engineer today

4:44 Outsourcing vs. Hiring vs. Retraining

10:19 Approaches to skill set transitions

14:54 How to find the best talent

18:56 The most difficult roles to hire

22:25 The main tactic for IT Leaders to implement immediately


Noor has spent last 25 years in Silicon Valley working for various high-tech and fortune 500 companies. Software engineer by trait, he found his way supporting sales organizations in a sales/systems engineering role. Notably Noor spent 15 years at NetApp in systems engineering roles, where he saw and helped the company  grow from a little over $100M to a $6B data storage power house. He has spent last 5 years at InterVision in a key executive role helping the company transform its business from a value added reseller to a strategic services provider. Currently Noor leads the solutions engineering team for the InterVisoion, helping clients transform their organizations by utilizing technology to drive business outcomes.

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