White Paper: AWS Cost Reduction – 3 Essentials You Must Know

In a recent InterVision/Pulse survey, 92% of respondents said that their organization expects the IT team to be operating with a cloud-first approach, yet 45% were unsure or not meeting their cost objectives in the cloud.

The adoption of the AWS cloud can certainly empower a business, but if migrated incorrectly and managed poorly, it can also drag a business down. The answer to success is all in how an IT team chooses to strategize and execute on their AWS cloud migration, and then optimize their AWS stance in an ongoing fashion. Indeed, migrations do have rippling impacts on total cost of ownership, both in cases of good or poor migration strategies.

There are many complexities that could create overspending in the cloud:

  • Unclear cloud cost visibility
  • Cloud sprawl in under-utilized of wasted resources
  • Difficult-to-understand pricing and billing
  • Management and process challenges with governance
  • Incorrectly sized deployments on architecture
  • Inaccurate forecasting

The problem is that, in addition to these commonly encountered complexities, there’s a misunderstanding that going to the cloud will automatically create cost savings for an organization. The answer to cost savings in the cloud instead, lies in three key areas: 1) architecture, 2) FinOps and 3) governance. In this white paper, AWS Cost Reduction – 3 Essentials You Must Know, we’ll explore these three areas of AWS optimization.