Wealth Management Firm Leverages SD-WAN to Increase Efficiency

About the Organization

The customer is a national wealth management firm, managing both a traditional full-service brokerage firm and an independent advisory arm.

The Vision and Challenge 

A long-time customer of InterVision, consuming many offerings and managed services,  the firm approached us about wanting to improve their business agility to support their organizational growth, reducing the dependency on MPLS without compromising security or performance.​ They had the following goals in mind:

  • Increase speed to implement new sites ​
  • Improve SaaS application performance ​
  • Leverage partnership for in-depth expertise ​
  • Improve security posture ​
  • Optimize costs​

We recommended investigating SD-WAN as a possible fit for addressing the above items and presented them with a few technology recommendations based on their unique company goals and existing IT ecosystem. We managed the coordination of a couple of proof of concepts, and HPE Silver Peak’s SD-WAN was chosen for its ease of use and performance, and better voice quality. Since the customer already relied heavily on InterVision’s Managed Collaboration solution, our expertise in managing the solution was also key in making this decision. We provided a TCO analysis between their current MPLS and migration to MIS + Broadband, as well as a detailed Scope of Work on how we would deliver the entire solution, which included Cisco Umbrella. We recommended this part of the solution to improve their security posture when both on and off the network, and to protect users against threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing.

The Outcome

Partnership and trust were key in implementing the solution to ensure both superior security and agile performance. We worked closely with their IT department to provision the proper resources needed to install and test the solution.

Technologies Utilized:

  • ATT Managed Internet Service (MIS) + Broadband
  • Silver Peak SD-WAN
  • Cisco Umbrella

As a result of InterVision’s engagement and ongoing management of their SD-WAN, the customer realized the following business outcomes:

  • End-to-End Managed SD-WAN/Circuit Solution
  • Carrier Escalations
  • Improved Security
  • Increased Agility (they can now turn up new sites in fewer than 30 days, rather than 120)
  • Cost optimization

Looking ahead, InterVision will continue to partner with the customer to optimize and ensure they are getting the most from their services. As a result of selecting us for their SD-WAN solution, they have realized approximately $1.2M in savings.

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