DRaaS Helps Organization Recover from Ransomware

About the Organization 

The organization is a customer of InterVision’s managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

The Challenge

A ransomware attack by route of a third-party application took down a section of the customer’s business that included retail financial transactions. While their data was encrypted by the attack, the customer had already put in place a backup solution and a migration to cloud with plans to implement DRaaS with InterVision.

The Outcome

Often, disaster recovery (DR) replication technology is the best tool for a cloud migration, the customer was utilizing DR software with InterVision’s cloud environment to perform a production migration at the time of hearing about the ransomware attack. Because of the time that the ransomware had triggered, the customer would have lost almost 24 hours of online retail sales if they had solely relied on the data from their backups.

In combination of using backup data and their replicated data, they worked with InterVision to move critical servers into the environment set up for the migration. They were able to identify the attack type, then clean it in an isolated safe environment within InterVision’s datacenter. In this manner, they lost none of their retail sales from the previous day. They were then able to download the sales data to an external hard drive, then ship it to the datacenter where they had the rest of their production environment. As a result, they restored all the potential lost sales that would have occurred if the replication software was not in place.

In the end, they were able to recover the sales data that would have normally been lost if they were only relying on backups. Instead of paying a ransom for the lost data, they now understand the power of trusting InterVision with their disaster recovery protection.