Status Go: Ask, “Why Not?” -The Future of Work

Episode 73: Ask, “Why Not?” -The Future of Work

As the work from home model becomes more integrated into our organizations, several questions about the future start to emerge: What will our workspaces and offices look like and how will they function?  How do we organize or teams or define productivity?  How do we design this new model around diversity and inclusion? How do we create or sustain our culture when there is no “place” to go?   Neil Miller, host of The Digital Workplace (previously, WorkMinus), a podcast dedicated to building a digital workplace that thrives in the future of work, sits down with Jeff Ton to examine answers to all of these questions and more.  We are at a pivot point, it is certainly a challenge, but as this conversation will relay, it can be even more of an opportunity.

Neil Miller is the host of The Digital Workplace. He talks with the best thinkers in the world about how to create a Level 5 Digital Workplace and how the future of work will redefine technology, productivity, collaboration, leadership, and culture

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