Does Antivirus Protect Against Ransomware?

We wish protecting against ransomware was as easy as installing antivirus software on your system. Unfortunately, having antivirus as the only defensive measure against ransomware is like digging one hole on the outside of a castle and calling it a moat.

For a moat to work as intended, it has to surround its fortress. Similarly, a business’s data must be protected holistically. Our InterVision team has found that Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™) is an integral part of these fortifications.

But let’s get back to the question of, “Is antivirus effective against ransomware?” The answer is yes and no, and it definitely shouldn’t be your only line of defense. Let us share why.

Which Antivirus Can Remove Ransomware and Restore My Data?

Antivirus software cannot always remove ransomware nor can it restore your data. This is one of many places where antivirus falls short. While certain software can warn you of ransomware and sometimes successfully remove it, if the ransomware is a newer version the antivirus isn’t programmed to recognize, you’ll never know it’s there until it’s too late. Additionally, antivirus can’t always help when it comes to restoring lost data, as its backup abilities are limited.

Let’s resolve some other misconceptions about what antivirus software can and cannot do by answering some commonly asked questions on the topic.

Does Malwarebytes Block Ransomware?

It can, but it can also fail to block ransomware for a number of reasons. For example, did you know that 87% of users completely disregard security messages when they interrupt the user’s primary task? This is a major part of what antivirus software does. If it warns a user that it’s noticing unusual, encrypted files, but the user is ignoring all of the messages, then the warnings are rendered useless.

What Is Norton Ransomware Protection?

Norton is another common antivirus that offers only warning and backup services as protection against ransomware. And while that’s not a bad start, it still leaves some gaping holes that a ransomware attacker could slip through. Comprehensive RPaaS™ and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) go beyond solely relying on warnings and backups.

Thankfully, antivirus is not the only weapon available in the war against ransomware attackers. Ransomware protection is about fortifying your entire security information and event management (SIEM). As we’ve been illustrating, a complete moat always works better than a couple of holes.


What Is the Best Protection Against Ransomware?

The best protection against ransomware ranges from continuing education to restricting employee permissions. Implementing as many defense measures as possible is truly the way to go. Here are some of the methods we find to be most effective:

  • Multiple and Secure Data Backups – Keep your backups updated, have multiple backups, and ensure one backup cannot be infected if another is attacked with ransomware.
  • Employee Passwords – Utilize two-factor authentication when possible, and set strength requirements for all passwords.
  • Updates – Ensure all systems and ransomware protection software are up-to-date. If a software releases a patch for added protection against a brand new ransomware, but the user fails to update the software, ransomware can slip through.
  • Cybersecurity Education – Employees need to know what the latest phishing scams look like to avoid them. The easiest way to do that is to teach them at work. Have regular training sessions so employees remain knowledgeable of the latest ransomware threats.

These suggestions are only the tip of the RPaaS™ iceberg. With so many opportunities for an attack, it may feel like implementing a complete moat security system is impossible, especially when the inner workings of the castle never stop. Fortunately, InterVision’s expertise is available to build the full moat, from updating ransomware protection against emerging threats to educating you and your team in the process.

Fortify Your Data Defenses with InterVision’s RPaaS™

Avoiding a ransomware attack takes more than a band-aid solution. When we say we have a holistic approach, we mean it, and for good reason. Our years of experience at InterVision have shown us that a robust process has the most success in cybersecurity. With our carefully designed methods and procedures for SIEM, RPaaS™, DRaaS, and BaaS, InterVision clients rest assured that their IT is in good hands.

If you’re not sure your business needs all these measures in place, starting with our Cyber Vulnerability Assessment can show you the opportunities for growth in your security strategy. If you have other questions or are eager to learn more, contact us. We want to help you protect one of your most valuable assets from the growing threat of ransomware.

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