Achieving a Holistic View of Workplace Capabilities with Skill Matrix Application

Empowering workforce optimization


The customer required a solution that would enable the efficient capture and utilization of skill data from employees and contractors. InterVision developed a Skill Matrix application by utilizing Power Apps, SharePoint, and Power BI, which is a comprehensive tool to assess and manage the skill, engagement, and bandwidth details of employees and contractors.


  • Forward-thinking technical services organization
  • Aimed optimize workforce management
  • Needed to capture and leverage employee and contractor skill data


  • Lack of a centralized system to capture and assess employee and contractor skillsets, certifications, and engagement levels.
  • Inefficient allocation of resources to projects, often leading to mismatch between skills and project requirements.

Our Solution

InterVision created a user-friendly application using Power Apps to capture skill, engagement, and bandwidth details. This application streamlined data input and storage.

All captured data was securely stored in SharePoint, providing a structured and accessible repository for workforce information.

A Power BI dashboard was developed to visualize skill data, allowing for easy analysis and decision-making.

Implemented row-level and organization-level security to ensure data privacy while granting access to authorized personnel.


  • Resource deployment increased by 15% quarter over quarter, after targeted trainings.
  • By capturing and visualizing skill data, the organization gained insights into strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in its workforce.
  • The application assists in identifying skill gaps, enabling targeted training and development initiatives.
  • The application helps identify the right resources with the required skills for new projects, improving project success rates. With bandwidth information, our customer can assign projects more efficiently, considering individual availability and capacity.