Automated Data Retrieval Enhances Risk Management Capabilities

From manual to automated data retrieval


This success story underscores the implementation of a Cyber Risk Management automation solution. Using Power Automate Desktop, the InterVision team developed efficient workflows for web and Excel automation, allowing for the automatic extraction, calculation, and sharing of critical data.


  • Dynamic market survey/customer research organization with a focus on effective cyber risk management
  • Sought out to streamline and automate process of downloading, processing, and sharing survey reports
  • Need to enhance risk management capabilities


  • Survey reports from a web portal ( needed to be downloaded and processed manually each month or week.
  • Data from the downloaded Excel reports had to be copied into a calculation Excel, which was a time-consuming and error-prone task.
  • Each report had to be customized with the respective company name and email address before sharing.
  • Repetitive tasks often resulted in human errors, impacting the accuracy and efficiency of the process.

Our Solution

InterVision developed a user-friendly application that enabled customers to place orders from any device, providing a consistent and convenient ordering experience.

All order data was securely stored in SharePoint, ensuring organized data management and easy access to order history.

InterVision implemented Power Automate to automate email notifications, order updates, and other operational tasks, reducing the customer’s reliance on manual communication.

The application also served as an information hub where customers could stay informed about new services and hardware products offered by the company.


  • Manual effort reduced by 80% (from 30 hours/week to under 5).
  • Automation eliminated common human errors associated with repetitive tasks.
  • The Power Automate low-code interface empowered non-programmers to create workflows using a simple drag-and-drop approach.
  • Workflows could be recorded and replayed, enabling consistent and repeatable automation of tasks.

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