Computer Hardware Retailer Reduces Communication Overload

A case study in optimized order management


The customer wanted a solution that would enable customers to place orders through various devices while also providing easy access to order history and updates. In response to the customer’s request, the InterVision team developed a comprehensive solution that combined the power of Microsoft’s Power Apps, SharePoint, and Power Automate to create a user-friendly application for order placement and management.


  • Distinguished computer hardware retailer
  • Aimed to elevate their customer experience
  • Needed to streamline order management process


  • Customers were using various devices to place orders, making it difficult to provide a consistent ordering experience.
  • Both the customers and the hardware company needed efficient access to order history.
  • The customer was inundated with email communications related to orders.
  • The customer wanted to keep its customers informed about new services and hardware products, but this information was not easily accessible to customers.

Our Solution

InterVision developed a user-friendly application that enabled customers to place orders from any device, providing a consistent and convenient ordering experience.

All order data was securely stored in SharePoint, ensuring organized data management and easy access to order history.

InterVision implemented Power Automate to automate email notifications, order updates, and other operational tasks, reducing the customer’s reliance on manual communication.

The application also served as an information hub where customers could stay informed about new services and hardware products offered by the company.


  • With automated email notifications and centralized order management, the customer has significantly reduced the volume of email communications related to orders.
  • The automation of operational tasks through Power Automate has improved the company’s efficiency, reducing manual labor and the risk of errors.
  • The information hub has increased customer engagement and sales growth.