Next Generation WiFi

Nobody likes a bad connection

Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth states that internet bandwidth grows 50% per year. In the last 20 years, bandwidth skyrocketed from 9,600 bps to 1 Gbps. In 25 years, it could be 100 Tbps. Recent research suggests that the preoccupation with bandwidth signals a trend toward the quality of experience trumping the quality of service.

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Nex-Gen WiFi is better for users and the business. Easier on IT.

  • Optimize performance. Increase throughput, efficiency, and range for consistent high-level performance.
  • Deliver the quality users expect. We combine best-of-breed WiFi 6E with a well-designed network to provide a seamless, consistent user experience across locations and devices.
  • Strengthen security. WPA3 and integrated authentication improve overall network security, while our SASE framework bolsters your perimeter.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. Our WiFi experts monitor your network 24x7x365 to ensure safety, compliance, and resiliency.
  • Free up IT. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on strategic work and/or combat talent shortages and/or skill gaps.

What’s the big deal with next-gen WiFi?

Next-gen WiFi uses Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and WiFi 6E to securely deliver robust, compliant services with:

Your network—better, faster, and stronger than ever

Our full suite of professional and managed next-gen WiFi services allow you to call the shots. We manage all types of flexible wireless environments that support where and how your employees like to work.

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24/7 coverage

Trade DIY maintenance for best-in-class anytime support from expert network and security engineers.

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Breadth of services

Select basic managed network services, or a range of professional managed WiFi, security, SD-WAN, SD-Branch, and helpdesk services.

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Infrastructure choice

Get the most from your existing network environment, or adopt new technology. We’ll put together a solution that meets your needs.

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Knowledge and experience

We’re certified in HPE Aruba, Cisco WLAN, Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, and Juniper Mist. Our certified SASE experts can help you optimize for hybrid-remote work.

Services that work for our network

Our next-gen wireless professional services provide planning, designing, and implementation. Our consultative approach ensures the outcome is a fit-for-purpose solution designed for your needs. We’ll help you:

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  • Risk, compliance, and network assessment
  • Site surveys and existing networks evaluation
  • Capacity analysis and modeling
  • Assessment reports, survey results, and mitigation plans
  • Technical and logistical project planning
  • Logical and physical design development
  • WiFi design and heatmapping
  • IP network architecture design
  • Security integration planning
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  • Stage management environment
  • Access points, switches, and controller installation
  • IP configurations for subnet, data plane, and control plane VLANs
  • Network authentication services (certificate-based authentication, network access control (NAC), active directory (AD), and RADIUS integration)
  • WiFi portals for guest access
  • Plan testing and validation
  • Dead-zone and low-signal resolution
  • As-built documentation
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  • Managed SD-WAN services
  • 24/7 monitoring and incident response
  • Troubleshooting and escalation management
  • System updates
  • Health, performance, and capacity checks
  • Policy reviews
  • Change and lifecycle management

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