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If your IT systems fail today and your IT team isn’t available, will you have the documentation to recover? Whom would you call? Most organizations can’t answer these questions.

Many third-party providers offer a simple runbook that describes the order in which applications should recover. InterVision goes beyond this standard approach to create comprehensive documentation with our Recovery Runbook, which outlines the critical components of your IT disaster recovery and business continuity practices. This ensures your team and InterVision can work together to quickly return your business to normal operations in the event of a disaster, or if your team isn’t available, we can assist accordingly.

Our relationship with InterVision has been a partnership. Once our service was up and running, through testing and learning, we have made numerous improvements to our runbook. We not only know we can recover from a disaster; we know we can recover from it smoothly and without issues.
Build an Established Process

InterVision follows a strict, proven process for developing our Recovery Runbook with our clients. During the onboarding and implementation process, the initial draft is created. After the first successful recovery test, the document is finalized and both parties sign off on its completion. With each recurring test, the Runbook is reviewed and updated so that it is always reflects environment changes. By leveraging best of breed replication tools, your boot order operations are automatically captured as changes are made. Your Recovery Runbook is always available through our SaaS-based recovery platform, InterVision Portfolio.

InterVision’s Recovery Runbook outlines the following:

DR procedures
Recovery objectives
Key contacts
Responsibilities and authorizations
System infrastructure
Network configurations regardless of complexity
Detailed failover instructions
Failback process
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Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

InterVision’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) eases the burden of managing a recovery solution and simplifies the failover and failback process for your team. No other DRaaS provider will work as tirelessly to deliver confidence that your recovery plan will work as expected—which is why we boast the industry’s highest client satisfaction scores.


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