DRaaS to AWS: Royal Technologies exits the datacenter

A disaster recovery program moved to AWS cloud, reducing recovery time 50% and costs 74%.

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Royal Technologies wanted to move their workloads to the cloud to capture the benefits it offered their business. Their goal was to get out of the datacenter business and move all product and hosting capabilities to the cloud in the next 3-5 years.

The first step toward their long-term goal was to complete a proof of concept. Their choice? Move their disaster recovery solution to the AWS cloud. The move saved them substantial costs and built a concrete business case for leveraging public cloud resources.

Royal Technologies is an advanced engineering and manufacturing company serving diverse industries, including furniture, automotive, firearm, appliance and consumer product markets.

Business resiliency
Disaster recovery
Dependable ROI

Validate cloud benefits with proof of concept for DRaaS.


Get out of the datacenter business.

Move all product/hosting capabilities to the cloud in next 3-5 years.

Initiate cost savings in the cloud.


Royal Technologies engaged InterVision for a cloud assessment. We discussed the benefits of targeting their existing DRaaS solution to AWS using Zerto replication as a first step toward a full cloud migration.

Their existing Disaster Recovery as a Service solution, initially developed by InterVision, also used Zerto replication. After an initial pilot replication, we validated the results with a test, and happy with the results, Royal Technologies decided to move their entire DRaaS solution to AWS. We ensured knowledge transfer with the AWS native tools that could assist them in their continued operations during a disaster declaration.


  • Disaster recovery costs were reduced by 74%, realizing enormous savings in the cloud.
  • Their colocation facility was vacated, effectively removing them from the data center business.
  • Recovery time objectives improved by 50%. from four hours to two hours or less.
  • A concrete business case was developed for using the public cloud.
  • Their goal was initiated to move product and hosting to the cloud in 3-5 years.
  • Corporate buy-in was achieved from business stakeholders about the benefits of the cloud.


Zerto replication


AWS cloud platform

InterVision has deep expertise in both DRaaS and the AWS cloud. Their ability to think long-term while also solving for immediate challenges has given us confidence in a stellar solution. Targeting our disaster recovery to AWS gives us increased flexibility and scalability for the future. We’re thrilled with the result.

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