Can Ransomware Encrypted Files Be Recovered?

The modern digital age has brought about endless benefits for companies to stay competitive with changing market demands. The SaaS industry is always utilizing new technologies like bots and AI to automate functions that boost productivity and efficiency. The dark side to this boom in technology is that there are nefarious groups of people who prey on individuals and companies, hoping to steal or compromise their private data. Ransomware attacks are a matter of when, and not if.

To help battle against the plague that is ransomware, InterVision created Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™), the market’s most comprehensive detection, prevention and recovery solution.

Can Ransomware Encrypted Files Be Decrypted?

If your files have been encrypted by ransomware, there is still a chance that they can be recovered. Once you’ve identified that your organization has been infected with ransomware and has lost important files and data, what is the next step? Unfortunately, you cannot go right into recovery as not every decryption tool is compatible with all types of ransomware. Let’s take a quick look at some of the possible ransomware that companies are infected with. While there are numerous types of malicious software, these types of attacks can typically fall into two categories: Locker or Crypto ransomware.

  • Crypto (File) Ransomware: While the name might suggest an attack focused on digital (crypto) currency, this form of ransomware is used to encrypt important data. In this scenario, an organization would still be able to see its data but would have no way to access it. To increase panic, the developers of this type of malware will include a countdown prompting the company to pay the ransom by a specific date, or the data will be released or deleted.
  • Locker (Device) Ransomware: This type of ransomware is quite similar to crypto, with the major distinction being that it blocks basic computer functions. Here, the mouse and keyboard could be completely disabled or a user could be entirely locked out of the computer, allowing the hacker free reign to whatever they like. Typically, the ransomware will lock the user out of everything and only permit them to interact with the pop-up window demanding payment. While both forms are dangerous, in most cases, locker ransomware only locks a user out without targeting vital files or data. This can make it easier to quarantine a specific machine rather than worry about an entire database.

Beyond identifying the severity of the situation, it is advised that an organization immediately connect with the FBI and partner with an organization like InterVision that can provide ransomware data recovery services.


Can Ransomware Infect Already Encrypted Files?

Unfortunately, yes it can. While encrypting files is an excellent defense against these kinds of attacks, this measure will not be able to stop ransomware entirely. If the hackers are persistent enough, some attacks will work. However, the good news is that these proactive efforts will help stifle the impact the attack can have. Files that are already encrypted make it more difficult for hackers to get all the information they want. The ransomware may be able to take your files, but the hackers will not be able to read its contents.

While more and more organizations are beginning to take a proactive approach when it comes to digital security, and this is a trend we hope continues into the future, it is still often not enough. The cost of ransomware is often thought of from a reactive perspective and how much a company must spend after they are attacked rather than being prepared before an attack happens. The real benefit of encrypting your files comes from the time it provides you to take action. You will have enough time all devices off the breached network, contact the proper authorities, and gain assistance from a digital risk management organization.


InterVision: Ransomware Risk Mitigation Done Right

No organization wants to deal with a breach of their data. The fallout from ransomware attacks can, at best, be quite costly and, at worst, ruin a business altogether. This is not a fight that can be won alone, and our team at InterVision is here to help.

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