Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™)

Prevent, detect, and respond to ransomware attacks
It’s not IF; it’s WHEN!

Attacks will happen. Security and backup tools alone aren’t enough. To survive a ransomware attack, you must be prepared from every angle, every step of the way. InterVision’s Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™) is the industry’s first solution and only holistic approach to ransomware threats, focusing on the entire lifecycle of detection, protection, and recovery.


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Thwart the Threat with True End-to-End Protection

As the industry’s most comprehensive managed service for ransomware, InterVision’s Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™) gives you peace of mind that you have everything in place to proactively manage threats.

Address Risk
Address Risk

Get comprehensive protection, detection, and a recovery solution backed by dedicated security and recovery experts

Avoid Ransom Costs
Avoid Ransom Costs

Get immutable data replication and recovery in a secured cloud landing zone

Simplify Operations
Simplify Operations

Rest assured with a single, comprehensive “as-a-service” approach

You Can’t Afford to Wait

According to Statista, 68.5% of organizations were breached last year with an average cost of $3.8M. Now is the time to connect with an InterVision cybersecurity expert to make sure you have the protection you need. Our team will assess your current risks and gaps to help build the case for change within your organization.


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The Only Comprehensive Approach to Ransomware

No one else comes close. RPaaS™ is the only solution built to fully address all protection, detection, and recovery aspects to meet the evolving threat of ransomware:

PROTECTION & DETECTION with SOCaaS (Security Operations Center as a Service)
RECOVERY with Ransomware Recovery as a Service (DRaaS and BaaS)
STRATEGIC SUPPORT with vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) Services

Additionally, all clients of InterVision’s Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™) solution receive a tailored cloud-based Disaster Recovery Landing Zone to act as a secondary datacenter for recovery into a scalable cloud solution, should your primary datacenter be inaccessible for forensic evidence purposes.

In two minutes, learn how to avoid paying the ransom when a ransomware attack occurs. InterVision’s Ransomware Protection as a Service™ (RPaaS™) solution offers the most holistic approach to ransomware threats, focusing on the entire lifecycle of detection, protection, and recovery. It’s not if, it’s when. Be prepared and don’t pay the ransom.


Why InterVision for RPaaS™?
The Most Comprehensive Approach Available

No other solution delivers protection, response, and recovery from cyber threats in a single managed service

Backed by Industry-Leading SLAs

Backed by SLAs that guarantee support response and recovery for your business at the time you need it most

A Trusted Leader in Data Recovery

InterVision’s resiliency solutions have been recognized as a leader by industry analysts (Forrester/Gartner) with 5-star client satisfaction scores

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“Ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. They are becoming a top focus for both boards and management.”