Embracing the Agile Mentality


Status Go Podcast: Episode 30

” From an IT perspective, our goal is to be delivering value to the business in a much more meaningful way.” – Mike Loggins

Status Go Podcast: Episode 30

A lot of what I’m trying to do now is finding passion and finding value and trying to align them.” – Mike Loggins

Status Go Podcast: Episode 30

Technical wins are great, we all enjoy them, buy they’re short – they don’t last very long.  Seeing someone accomplish something that they want to, that just lasts forever.” – Mike Loggins

Episode 30: Embracing the Agile Mentality

Connected.  Passionate.  Focused.  Are these words you would use to describe your team? What about your entire organization?   Michael Loggins, Director of IT  at  SMC Corporation  (North America & Europe), is on a mission to make everyone on his team “awesome,” in fact, he said his main objective is to find passion and find value and work to align the two.  It is with this focus Michael is fulfilling the ultimate goal of the IT organization — delivering value to the business in a much more meaningful way and by extension, altering the overall culture, the way the entire company works and communicates together.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

2:19 Mike’s start with SMC

3:53 The first steps toward change

7:21 Running a cohesive global IT organization

9:57 Industry 4.0 and the Cyber Physical Environment

14:36 The IT agile journey

17:35 Open Space Technology Sessions

19:39 The company agile journey

20:28 The ultimate goal

21:14 Principles of leadership

23:38 Early leadership influences

29:31 Action items

30:41 Summary


Michael Loggins is the Director of IT at SMC Corporation overseeing operations in North America and Europe. He just celebrated his 13year anniversary with SMC!

Along with IT Leadership, Mike is successfully transforming the department to an Agile mindset and Scrum framework. His goal is to create a company wide culture change, making SMC AWESOMEr (yes, he coined that)!


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