Leveraging the Cloud for Disaster Recovery


Status Go Podcast: Episode 20

“The real conversation, when it comes to DR, is about architecting resiliency rather than deciding about the technology or the platform.” –  Ben Miller

Status Go Podcast: Episode 20

“Just getting your workload moved up to a hyperscale cloud is a great step to getting out of the data center business and focusing on your own strategic business, but it’s not the final step.  Making sure your environment is still resilient to the level your business needs it to be is critical” –  Ben Miller

Status Go Podcast: Episode 20

“The environment for Disaster Recovery is easier now than it ever has been, but the business has to define the level of resilience needed before they are going to fund a project.” –  Ben Miller

Episode 20: Leveraging the Cloud For Disaster Recovery

When it comes to disaster recovery (DR), there is no longer a need to cross your fingers or hold your breath. Today the environment for DR is easier than it’s ever been and there are technologies, solutions and services available allowing, the IT leader to be confident in their ability to recovery their IT systems.  However, there is still a great deal of confusion surrounding these technologies and services.

Jeff Ton, SVP Product Development & Strategic Alliances, and Ben Miller, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, come together to provide clarity around DRaaS and more specifically leveraging the cloud as a target or a source.  Listen now as Jeff and Ben walk through three use cases, outlining the best solution for each circumstance.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:57 Ben’s background

3:01 The Disaster Recovery landscape

7:53 Tools and platforms vs. architecting resiliency

11:49 Use case #1: Pure Cloud

18:28 Use case #2: Older, legacy systems

22:59 Use case #3: A hybrid environment

27:19 The need for DR in a hyperscale cloud

30:17 Summary


Ben Miller is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at InterVision Systems. He is responsible for pre-sales consulting and architecture with a focus on enterprise prospects, ensuring clients achieve their short and long term business goals in the most effective and efficient way.

An expert in cloud computing solutions with a background in technical consulting, managed IT services, and disaster recovery, Ben has more than 24 years of experience in solving cloud, virtualization and enterprise system IT problems across industries.

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