The Illusion of Privacy


Status Go Podcast: Episode 21

“When you think about the power that governments and businesses have when they apply resources and time, privacy is somewhat of an illusion.” – Norman Guadagno


Status Go Podcast: Episode 21

“How do we structure our technology and our collection of data and our use of data in a way that will respect the needs of the business and respect the often unstated, but implicit needs of our customers and other individuals?” – Norman Guadagno


Status Go Podcast: Episode 21

” Behind every simple experience are layers of complexity and sophistication and investment and time and thoughtfulness.  Making that happen every single time requires a lot of people working together and orchestrating an approach to privacy and security and data protection within an organization.” – Norman Guadagno


Episode 21: The Illusion of Privacy

Norman Guadagno, SVP of Marketing at Carbonite, begins our episode this week with the acknowledgement that, “we live in the most complex and confusing world ever.  And if you’re a technologist or a marketer, or if you happen to be both, it is truly the most complex universe imaginable.” Norman’s answer to this complexity is creating a differentiated connection with the customer revolving around simplification.

Never has the intersection of IT and Marketing been more evident than when it comes to the passion and focus on the needs of the customer and behind every customer experience is a whole lot of data. Listen now as Alicia Gaba, Intervision’s VP of Marketing talks with Norman about the new pressures surrounding data collection and protection, advancing the relationship between marketing and IT, and creating increased awareness around customer needs throughout the organization.  As Norman asserts, “There is no function in the organization that should not have a view on the customer and should not attempt to piece together the customer as a real individual.”

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:22 The Intersection between technology, data and marketing

2:28 Simple is the new sophisticated

5:58 A reliance on data

7:28 The new pressures of data protection

8:25 The New York Times article (Bryant Park facial recognition project):  We Built an ‘Unbelievable’ (but Legal) Facial Recognition Machine.

12:38 Implicit consent and the needs of customers

19:25 The partnership between IT and Marketing

23:36 A view on the customer – a must for every role

25:56 Forging a strong partnership between IT and Marketing




Norman Guadagno hones in on that unique place where company brand meets customer need and harnesses it in a way that adds value for customer and company alike. Together with the Marketing team, Norman drives brand strategy, product marketing and overall market awareness for Carbonite worldwide.

Before joining Carbonite, Norman was Senior Vice President of Marketing Strategy at the digital marketing agency Wire Stone, working with clients such as Microsoft, Boeing and Nike. Prior to Wire Stone, Guadagno held senior marketing roles at Microsoft and Oracle, as well as leading creative agencies. Guadagno began his career in the software industry focusing on user interaction.

Norman holds an M.A. in Psychology from Rice University and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Rochester.

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