The Future of Work, Security and Women in Tech

StatusGo Podcast, Aleta Jeffress, CGI Vice President of Consulting Services

Aleta Jeffress (Status Go Episode 3) returns to discuss what’s changed…and what hasn’t changed in the last two years. Aleta is the Vice President of Consulting Services in the State and Local Government sector for CGI. Aleta discusses the heroic efforts many IT departments made in enabling a remote workforce in the new reality of work from home. Security is always top of mind, never more so than in 2020. We explore some of the recent news of the government hacks and what the future may bring in the areas of security and work from home. Aleta also brings us up to date on the work she has been doing to promote women in technology roles, especially in the area of security. Along the way we discuss a couple of interesting start-ups bringing a new perspective to security and to bias in hiring.  

Discussed in this episode:

Future of Work Webinar 

Silverfort – Next Generation Authentication

InterviewIA – AI analysis of interviewing