IT Transformation in the Public Sector


Status Go Podcast: Episode 3

“Digital Transformation for me really focuses on how we embrace tech as a way to do business or a way to improve the quality of life.” – Aleta Jeffress

Status Go Podcast: Episode 3

“In challenging the status quo really being consistent in your vision, in your message and in your explanation…those things are key.” – Aleta Jeffress

Status Go Podcast: Episode 3

“Whatever it is that I’m trying to re-create a culture around, I make sure that people understand the why: here’s the vision and here’s how it can impact you.” – Aleta Jeffress

Episode 3:

IT Transformation In The Public Sector

Thriving in our hyper digital era is a universal challenge, affecting all industries and both the public and private sectors.  Jeff Ton sits down with Aleta Jeffress, Chief Information and Privacy Officer for the City of Aurora, to talk about how she handles the need for change, challenging the status quo and carrying out her IT vision among the unique challenges of the public sector.  Having led IT teams at the federal, state and local levels, Aleta talks about her experiences with change management, connecting with constituents, supporting public safety and challenges with cloud migration.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:09 Digital Transformation

2:57 Serving constituents at the federal, state and local levels

5:13 The “always on” nature of working in the public view

6:42 Maintaining up time for public safety

8:17 Challenges of migrating to the cloud

10:03 Overcoming the challenges of cloud migration

12:40 Public Sector vs. Private Sector

16:04 Women in IT

19:30 Challenging the status quo

22:07 Confidence in your value

24:11 Summary

Aleta Jeffress is the Chief Information and Privacy Officer for the City of Aurora.  She has over 20 years as an executive business leader and technologist building relationships between business and technology to enable digital transformation and market growth.   She drives innovative strategies for business and IT leadership, and has developed teams for Cybersecurity and Project Management Offices from the ground up.

Note: Aleta Jeffress served as the Chief Information and Privacy Officer for the City of Aurora from 2014-2020.  Aleta is currently the VP of Consulting Services – State and Local, for CGI


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