Up-leveling Your Cybersecurity Culture


Status Go Podcast: Episode 25

“Our employee base, is our greatest opportunity.  People are our largest asset.” – Mandy Huth

Status Go Podcast: Episode 25

“Security is not an IT problem, it’s a business problem.” – Mandy Huth

Status Go Podcast: Episode 25

Your CEO, CTO or your CIO doesn’t need to know all the ins and outs of network segmentation to get to a use case.” – Mandy Huth

Episode 25: Up-Leveling Your Cybersecurity Culture

An organization’s overall culture is highly dependent upon it’s greatest asset — People, and when weaving the awareness and responsibility of cybersecurity into the fabric of that culture, the greatest opportunity lies within the employee base.  Moving the needle in this area requires, clarity, communication and above all, relationship building.  This week on Status Go, Mandy Huth, VP of Cybersecurity at Kohler, sits down with Jamie Lee, InterVision’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, to talk about her risk based approach and gives us the creative and fun techniques she uses to convey the shared responsibility of security throughout a global company.  After all, as Mandy says, “Security is not an IT problem, it’s a business problem.” From gamification to hashtags, listen now as Mandy gives you all of her tips and tricks to uplevel your organization’s cybersecurity culture.


Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:12 Mandy’s background

1:49 Kohler’s cybersecurity culture

3:33 Risk-Based approach

5:14 Creativity around security awareness and education

8:11 How to measure success

11:39 Keeping up with trends

13:15 Keys to good communication

15:14 CXO conversations

21:49 #OneTeamOneScore

Mandy Huth is the VP of Cybersecurity at Kohler, running the company’s global security strategy.

Mandy is a LinkedIn Learning/Lynda author. Further, she holds multiple certifications including CISSP, CIPT and GSLC and is an active member with ISSA, ISACA and Infragard. Mandy has delivered advisory services in information security, IT governance, IT process analysis and information risk management.

Previous experience includes: Director of Information Security at Smarsh, Director of Cybersecurity at Belden, and Head of Security and Technology at Tripwire (acquired by Belden).   Additionally, Mandy led Hewlett Packard’s managed services division, leading the infrastructure & logical security of it’s data centers.


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