Optimizing the Customer Experience: The Role of IT


Status Go Podcast: Episode 26

” The reason that IT is really part of the customer experience is because customer experience is the sum of every single touch-point that a customer has with a company.” – Ali Cudby

Status Go Podcast: Episode 26

” When people feel seen, heard and valued that is the point of being able to take the relationship from transactional to transformational.” – Ali Cudby

Status Go Podcast: Episode 26

” When any division or any department really is thoughtful about how they serve their customer and takes an expansive view of what that looks like and the impact that they have, there’s an opportunity to create a deeper brand connection.” – Ali Cudby

Episode 26: Optimizing The Customer Experience: The Role of IT

Long gone are the days of technology for the sake of technology. Proper digital transformation efforts are streamlined and focused on the customer.  As our guest this week, Ali Cudby, CEO of Your Iconic Brand, states, ” Customer experience is the difference between average and excellence.” On this episode, Ali talks with Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, about developing a culture around customer loyalty, as well as the impact and creativity the IT team brings to architecting a seamless and memorable customer experience.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:44 Ali’s journey with customer loyalty

5:33 The evolution of the customer experience

7:25 The connection between IT and brand loyalty

10:24 Getting involved in the customer experience conversation

13:21 IT and creativity

14:35 The importance of making people feel seen, heard and valued

18:01 Branding within an IT organization

20:45 Measurement: Defining metrics

23:05 Where to begin: Assessment

24:45 Profitability around cultivating customer loyalty

29:34 The value of IT in the overall customer experience

Ali Cudby wrote the book on customer experience –literally. A bestselling author, Ali brings her engaging approach to business advisory, training and speaking to companies around the globe. Ali honed her approach to customer experience at her company, Fab Foundations, where she created the world’s leading bra fitting training and certification program. Ali has worked with lingerie companies on six
continents to develop innovative systems for retention and growth.

From Fortune 500 to pre-revenue start-ups, in the Intimates industry and far beyond, Ali has spent 20 years refining her craft. Ali first cut her teeth in the world of customer experience after graduating from Wharton Business School and joining The New York Times Company’s corporate planning group. She also had stints in strategic marketing at the Golf Digest Magazine Group and Animal Planet TV Network before embarking on a journey as an award-winning entrepreneur. Now, Ali works with clients worldwide to incorporate her innovative customer experience strategies through her company Your Iconic Brand while also teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Purdue University.

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