Cloud Platforms: Why, When and How


Status Go Podcast: Episode 24

” Knowing your application dependencies and how all of your applications are interconnected and whose talking to what is critically important.” – Jacob Picart

Status Go Podcast: Episode 24

” When organizations don’t do an assessment and they try to shotgun it, they’re going to find that things are going to break.” – Jacob Picart

Status Go Podcast: Episode 24

” You have the ability to, essentially create an application, run an application that is resilient to failure, that can expand up or down depending on the load it might be receiving at any given point.” – Jacob Picart

Episode 24: Cloud Platforms: Why, When and How

We all know cloud done right has numerous benefits in terms of speed, agility and cost.  However, cloud done wrong, can cause crucial consequences.  In this episode of Status Go, Victor Tingler, Vice President of Digital Transformation, and Jacob Picart, Senior Solutions Architect, take you through what factors indicate a move to the cloud is optimal, the business drivers behind a cloud strategy and above all, migration approaches and pitfalls.

Whether your organization’s cloud journey is just beginning or you are deep into a #CloudFirst strategy, there is something here for you.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:15 Jacob’s background

1:43 When: Key factors

3:45 Compelling events

5:39 WHY: Business drivers

7:18 Flexibility

9:57 Resiliency

12:03 HOW: Ensuring success

16:07 Migration Pitfalls

17:29 USE CASE: Video Surveillance

19:31 USE CASE: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

20:57 Automation

22:14 Migration Approaches: The four “R”s




Jacob is a Solutions Architect at Infiniti, an InterVision Company, with over 20 years of information technology experience.  Much of Jacob’s expertise revolves around consultation  on data center consolidations & migrations, business continuity strategies, and security best practices. Having worked in a wide variety of technology environments, Jacob specializes in architecture of complex integration projects, involving both cloud technologies and legacy systems.

Jacob earned his Bachelors from San Jose State University, and has the following designations: AWS Solutions Architect, Microsoft Certified Professional (Azure), Network+, Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Brocade Certified Network Engineer, Palo Alto Networks ACE/PSE, Splunk, etc.

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Guidance on how to get the most out of your data, from both the data scientist and business leader perspective.

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