InterVision has partnered with Strategic Blue and major organizations like AWS and UC San Diego to fight COVID-19 by delivering cloud migrations to companies that need fast transitions to a more accessible, flexible and scalable virtual environment for workloads, data storage and daily technology operations.

At our headquarters in St. Louis, InterVision recently hosted a “Cloud Tech Day” for regional IT leaders and shared how to effectively communicate cloud strategies to executive leadership, within your IT team, and to other business units.

InterVision Achieves Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner Status | Achievement recognizes strategic service provider’s proven ability to successfully deploy solutions on AWS

The California Department of Technology (CDT), committed to partnering with state, local government and educational organizations, needed to move assets to a cloud environment to better accommodate their service to these entities. With virtually all state government agencies and local government entities moving some or most of their IT infrastructure to the cloud, CDT released a Vendor Hosted Subscription Service (VHSS) contract, which selected InterVision. Since engaging with CDT, InterVision has configured a centralized account utilizing AWS Organizations to allow each Agency deployment to be implemented, modified, tracked and billed under the master account. InterVision was also asked to implement different cloud storage scenarios for the CDT team to allow them easy access to a working development environment as it hopes to play a role in supporting its variety of VHSS clients.

InterVision conducted a DR assessment for PCC and determined that the legacy offsite tape backup strategy for all of PCC’s data could be dramatically improved by embracing the AWS cloud. Prior to implementing the new solution, it would have taken PCC days and possibly weeks to back up and restore its datacenter and applications, costing them hundreds of hours to complete the effort. With the new AWS/Commvault back-up and restore solution, PCC can quickly and easily restore its entire datacenter in a relatively short amount of time and staff effort.

Ohlone College engaged with InterVision to plan and develop their cloud architecture environment, and to migrate their primary Drupal website to the AWS cloud. InterVision constructed a cloud architecture strategy that documented recommendations such as the architectural buildout in AWS and the strategy to migrate applications and websites after the AWS infrastructure had been developed and deployed. With a fully automated CI/CD pipeline for multiple applications within AWS using AWS native services, Ohlone has gone from having slow, manual application deployments to zero-downtime deployments. Ohlone’s website has also become much more robust and scalable now that it’s deployed in AWS, going from no scaling to auto scaling capabilities.

InterVision was chosen to help the California Secretary of State’s office ensure that their website would not be a point of weakness for hackers to tamper with the voting process of elections. We secured communication to the website and migrated the on-premise MySQL database to AWS. The end result was a modernized website that utilized an upgraded CMS and also leveraged cloud based autoscaling and elasticity. These changes alleviated previous performance problems and allowed the SOS website to support the election season without any issues.

The California Department of Technology (CDT), Office of Information Security (OIS) recognized the importance of preparing for State entities to migrate significant internal and customer applications into the cloud. To ensure that these efforts were realized with appropriate secure development processes, security architecture, configuration, and monitoring/management capabilities, CDT sought out InterVision, who developed DevOps/SecOps tools and processes to support both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Sierra was interested in utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a part of their backup storage solution. InterVision was asked to provide a solution that would accommodate the backup and disaster recovery needs for their ERP application. InterVision’s delivery of a proof-of-concept with AWS Storage Gateway provided Sierra with a clearer picture of how AWS can be utilized to help them reach their business continuity and disaster recovery goals. By the end of this project, Sierra observed the benefits of adopting AWS, and the seamless execution of InterVision sparked greater confidence within Sierra’s team to adopt additional cloud services.

CDT chose InterVision to be their technology partner in this endeavor and we developed an AWS infrastructure solution to meet their needs. We also architected an AWS multi-account strategy with multiple environments to meet security best practices. By utilizing the AWS cloud, CDT now has a highly scalable and highly available Splunk implementation for data collection, analysis, and security monitoring of critical infrastructure. As CDT expands and extends Splunk to monitor even more devices and environments, the AWS infrastructure will be able to scale and extend accordingly.

MCCCD had state-of-the-art on-premise technology and a strong IT team to manage the district’s local datacenter. However, being a southern California-based college, MCCCD’s datacenter and applications were deemed vulnerable and difficult to recover from potential disasters. MCCCD contracted with InterVision to conduct a thorough assessment of its current datacenter and DR preparedness. InterVision delivered of a robust AWS environment supporting multi-site DR, pilot-light DR, and backup-restore DR architecture. This has allowed MCCCD to reach their business continuity and disaster recovery goals.

CDTFA engaged InterVision for a solution to meet their unique DR and data storage needs for the AWS cloud. Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, InterVision provided a multi-level storage solution based on how frequently the data would be accessed.