The CIO's First 30 Days | Warren Lenard


Status Go Podcast: Episode 1

“Of all of the leaders out there in all of our industries a full 85% don’t get beyond the self authoring stage.” – Ron West

Episode 63: The CIO’s First 30 Days | Warren Lenard

Warren Lenard, CIO of Byrider, has been in leading teams in tech for over 35 years and this week, he’s sharing his most pivotal leadership insights with us on Status Go.  Warren sits down with Jeff Ton to take a deep dive into the six areas of focus he believes are key for CIOs as they enter into a new role and develop their 90 day plan.  Listen now to get Warren’s take on each of these topics: handling change, legacy issues, creating and enabling the team you plan to move forward with, aligning with your peers, mitigating surprises, and developing proper process and procedure.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

2:34 Warren’s background

5:42 Early days at Byrider

8:38 Personal branding

10:19 90 day plan

11:53 6 Topics for IT Leaders

12:33 Change for the sake of change

15:01 The past is the past

16:43 People

20:25 First team

23:12 Land mines

25:54 Process and procedure

28:09 The last 30 days

31:10 Action items

Warren Lenard is a senior IT executive who has worked for organizations of all sizes spanning vertical markets such as retail, entertainment & media, legal and, most recently, automotive financial services. He serves as a mentor for up and coming leaders, is a major supporter of women’s leadership organizations and is active in various councils and charitable causes.

Currently, Warren is the Chief Information Officer for Byrider, based in Carmel, Indiana. He is responsible for all technology initiatives and platforms servicing both Byrider corporate, company stores and franchise stores. Over the past year, Warren has been leading his IT organization through organizational, technological and cultural change in what has been a true turnaround initiative touching all aspects of the business as well as company culture.

In addition to corporate IT roles Warren has successfully worked as a consultant building business solutions for the likes of insurance and collection firms as well as retail organizations. Warren is entering his fifth year serving on the board for the Indianapolis Chapter of Society for Information Management (SIM) including the last two years as President.

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