Webinar Replay: Enabling Remote Workforce in Education

Recording of the live discussion and demo of InterVision’s AWS AppStream 2.0 deployment at Mt. San Jacinto College to spin up five critical applications in two days to enable staff to work remotely.

During the COVID-19 crisis, all businesses have been forced to enable remote access in order to keep operations running. But how do you do this while also maintaining a proper cybersecurity posture?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) WorkSpaces and/or AppStream 2.0 delivers secure, browser-based application hosting in the AWS cloud that both enables accessibility and emphasizes cybersecurity for your employees and customers.

The InterVision Team will present how AWS AppStream can work for your organization via discussion and demonstration; plus Brian Orlauski, Dean of Informational Technology at Mt. San Jacinto College will share his recent, real-world experience. Q&A to follow.

Join us to learn:

·   What are AWS WorkSpaces and AppStream 2.0?

·   How will InterVision help you rapidly deploy AWS WorkSpaces and/or AppStream 2.0?

·   What can they do for your organization?