Which Services are Involved With Security AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an incredible number of security features, and deciphering which ones are needed is why many companies choose to go with managed services. Outsourcing your security through managed cloud services for AWS empowers you to function with absolute confidence thanks to expert support and ongoing monitoring. Here is a robust AWS security services list, along with insight into how managed services can help you make the most of these features. 


What Are the Security Aspects of AWS?

There are many aspects of cloud security, and AWS has them all covered. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • Network and Infrastructure Security: You want to be sure your system is protected from unauthorized users or those with criminal intent. 
  • Data Protection and Encryption: You want to protect user and company data from theft and human error. 
  • Identity and Access Control: You want to identify users logging on, and perhaps limit their access to certain locations or devices. 
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Threat Detection: You want to keep track of the activity in your cloud and monitor for unusual or threatening events. 
  • Compliance, Governance, and Risk: You need to keep track of all these efforts for annual reporting and compliance purposes. 

This is a lot to manage, but automation and tools in AWS make it easier than ever. Now, let’s cover the many different tools within AWS that can achieve these and other security goals. 


What Are the Types of Security Services in AWS

To deliver security in the cloud, AWS tools cover threat protection (general security), identity verification, and regulatory compliance, among other functions. Here is a list of AWS cloud security tools with a brief high-level summary of what each achieves. 


Network and Infrastructure Security

  • Amazon GuardDuty monitors your AWS infrastructure and data in cloud storage for threats and unusual activity. Through integrated threat intelligence feeds, it can even provide the identity of suspected attackers. 
  • Amazon Inspector finds security vulnerabilities in your workloads and containers, including a contextualized risk score to help you and your managed services team set priorities for remediation. 
  • AWS Firewall Manager creates a single source for building firewall rules and enforcing security policies across your entire infrastructure. 
  • AWS Network Firewall sets the controls for network activity across your clouds, whether you import existing rules from other sources like Firewall Manager or create new ones. 
  • AWS Directory Service enables workloads that are connected to a directory to run without synchronizing or replicating data. 
  • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) sets controls around how traffic gets to your application(s) to limit bot traffic and spam. WAF Captcha is a related feature that integrates CAPTCHA challenges for additional security. 

Data Protection and Encryption

  • Amazon Macie empowers the tracking and management of sensitive data, even when your databases are scaling quickly. 
  • AWS CloudHSM allows you to both generate and use your own encryption keys on the cloud, as well as export your keys to other platforms. 
  • AWS Key Management Service lets you create and manage cryptographic keys to be used across your infrastructure, including logs of all key usage for compliance purposes. 


Identity and Access Control

  • Amazon Cognito supports user sign-in through social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon itself, or your own identity solution. Cognito also helps save data locally for verified users so your app works offline. 
  • AWS Identity and Access Management is a centralized place to manage access to your AWS resources and services for users and groups. 
  • AWS Resource Access Manager helps share AWS resources across accounts so that resources are only created once. This minimizes errors and duplication while still allowing account isolation for administration or billing purposes. 
  • AWS IAM Identity Center lets you enable single sign-on (SSO) functionality without the need to set up and manage your own dedicated infrastructure. 

Logging, Monitoring, and Threat Detection

  • Amazon Detective collects and centralizes security logs from all your AWS resources, allowing your managed services provider to quickly identify the root causes of security findings. 
  • AWS Secrets Manager enables users to easily create, rotate, and manage secrets necessary for authentication. A call to the API eliminates the need for this information to be stored in text. 
  • AWS Security Hub continually checks your AWS infrastructure against best practices and helps you maintain a complete view of your security posture. 
  • AWS Shield is a denial of service (DOS) attack protection service that incorporates defenses to keep you safe against downtime caused by attackers limiting your access to your system. 

Compliance, Governance, and Risk

  • AWS Artifact centralizes your security and compliance reports, including Service Organization Control (SOC) reports, Payment Card Industry (PCI) reports, and certifications from accrediting bodies. 
  • AWS Audit Manager automates your evidence collection for audits and helps translate it into reports by connecting the evidence to the regulatory requirements in question. 
  • AWS Certificate Manager lets your application easily request security certificates from other sites and software, whether they are public or private. 

 Amazon has deployed many tools to help users keep their cloud data and hosted applications securely and monitored. How do you know which tools you need to use, and set them up for optimal performance? The easiest and best answer is managed cloud services from InterVision. 


How is Security Handled in AWS? Let InterVision Support Your Response

Even the most expert DevSecOps teams can benefit from AWS security managed services support. There is so much automation, integration, and management to do that your internal team can quickly get bogged down in manual, repetitive tasks. Plus, if and when a security event does occur, they will have to drop everything to respond, causing other aspects of your business to get shortchanged. Outsourcing your AWS security to InterVision solves all these problems and more. We consult with you to understand your needs and goals for scalability, then help configure an AWS setup that supports your vision without compromising the budget. 

If you’re ready to get some help with AWS security, our team of 50+ AWS experts are available to provide it. Contact us today to get started making more of your cloud.