Bonsai Launches New Retail Management Portal

Software Development and System Integration

The Situation
Bonsai needed a solution to engage their customers with an online store with the ability to offer it as a white label service. After a thorough selection process, Bonsai decided to chose InterVision to design and build out their platform. The complexity of the disparate data sources pulled into a secure multi-tenant environment required highly skilled expertise that they did not have the in-house expertise to implement.

Achieving Full Potential
Over the course of four (4) months, InterVision tested, migrated, and launched a comprehensive e-commerce platform with open API’s to integrate across many platforms and services. Bonsai is already reaping the financial benefits with their customers and improved their brand identity.

Other key highlights of the solution include: API Platform that integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms

  • Data Visualization, reporting & analytics component with React.js & Cube.js
  • Developed reusable components like Multiselect searchable UI component to filter data from infinite level nested categories with auto suggestion, react-window for rendering multi-Merchant Products list & tabular data
  • Built React UI for working with bulk of data operations

The Outcome

    • Bulk data operation achieved
    • Reusable component development
    • API development

“InterVision exceeded our expectations in creating and delivering a robust e-commerce platform. It has been well received by our customers and already contributing meaningful impact to our financials, client engagement, and our growth.”


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