In this episode of “Status Go,” Jeff Ton and guest Jake Miller explore how AI is revolutionizing the tech industry, from its impact on coding academies and software engineering jobs to the practical applications of Large Language Models and upcoming developments in security and privacy tools.

Navigating IT Employee Turnover: Strengthening Business Resilience with Managed Services In the ever-evolving landscape of modern businesses, the intricate web...

Join Jeff Ton and John Gray on this episode of Status Go as they debunk the myth that cloud technology is too expensive for businesses, providing real-life examples of cost optimization and expert recommendations to make cloud technology work while saving money.

In this episode of the Status Go podcast we bust another myth! Think Cloud is too expensive? Think again! Braden Pitts, vp of technology at MJ Insurance joins us to systematically destroy the myth.

Leadership Coach Paul Sylvester was once a successful CIO, but that changed when he had to have a surgery that caused him to reevaluate life.