Drupal-Based Modernization and Rebranding

Managed Software Development & Engineering Services

The Situation
A well-established motion picture equipment companies had their public facing website & their subsidiary company websites developed in multiple versions Drupal. The core requirement was to establish a more generic experience for end users navigating from their parent public facing websites into their subsidiary companies website. This involved strategizing their content spread across websites, rebranding and restricting the public facing website, their partner, subsidiary websites & their regional branches websites in multiple countries to utilize a better layout to mobile enable the site, new extensible navigation model & easily manage updates for both design elements at the same time supporting multiple languages by utilizing modern web technologies.

InterVision Engages
InterVision was engaged with an initial study of current Information Architecture and understanding their existing Drupal eco system, which included studying of their products management system, the way their products performed, and regional needs of the subsidiary websites & their environments.

As part of the discovery phase, the InterVision SME proposed a 3-step approach:

Step 1: Migration from Drupal 7 to 8

  • Site Configuration migration
  • Site Content migration involving around 300K product listings, 5 disparate content databases from 6 & 7 Drupal versions to Version 8

Step 2: Develop a generic decoupled Drupal (Headless Drupal) site layout with React JS

Step 3: Post Discovery

Deployed a team of ten (10) people in two (2) separate groups onsite to work in tandem with the engineering on the content migration for the parent site & the subsidiary sites. Some of the major accomplishments for the team in the migrating the websites to Drupal 8 were:

  • Each of the subsidiary websites developed in Drupal had different layout and content structure compared to the parent websites.
  • The hosting environments & domains were different for each of the sites.
  • White labeling of the subsidiary websites to make it look like the parent websites was critical to provide the end users unique experience accessing the products.
  • Parallel work on mobile enabling and enhancing website user experience within a tight migration timeline, through utilizing the power of headless API’s Drupal exposes to release a native app version of websites.

Achieving Full Potential
By taking the Agile approach, InterVision was able to add value by completing the migration on time and at the same time, rebrand the customer’s existing website(s) & mobile enable to release an Android & IOS versions of the app; aligned to the company’s mission & vision.

The Outcome

    • Migration of data from older versions of Drupal to newer versions
    • Release iOS and Android applications for the site
    • Completed migration on time and schedule