Staff Augmentation: Manufacturing Company Saves Substantial Costs



About the Company

The organization is one of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers of home, business and lifestyle products in the world. Their company segments and subsidiaries include footholds in the energy industry, the hospitality industry, the retail industry and many others.

The Vision and Challenge

When the company was struggling with firewall deployments and configurations on their infrastructure, the IT leader sought to fill the skills gap quickly, but simply hiring for an additional position couldn’t be done right away. IT talent for the industry was difficult to come by, due to the level of expertise needed. This meant educating an existing team member wasn’t possible or would take substantial time.

For these reasons, the organization decided to use staff augmentation from a third-party provider until they could find the right candidate to fill their needs.

The Outcome

The customer had a previous relationship with InterVision, so we were top-of-mind. We already had a deep understanding of their industry and organizational strategy, so there wasn’t any needed education to bring us up to speed.

The IT leader reached out to us and requested someone to fill the skills gap on the IT team. Selecting InterVision’s staff augmentation meant they could hire the right person at the pace they desired. An expert from InterVision stepped in and blended seamlessly with the organization’s IT team. To their delight, firewall deployments and configurations increased substantially.

When the IT leader realized that our InterVision expert, in just 16 hours, was out-performing their full-time dedicated firewall administrator, the organization asked our InterVision expert to head up a Palo Alto migration project and the company’s check point firewalls globally. As a result of InterVision’s help, the company has saved over $100K in expenses.

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