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New technology expectations have increasingly put pressure on federal, state and local governments to change how they mitigate risk and serve constituents. With new technologies like cloud, machine learning, data analytics and unified communications, government offices can now present new models of civic engagement for the modern era—and with recent advancements in cybersecurity and disaster recovery, keep those constituents assured of data protection.

With InterVision, our network has been managed smoothly and efficiently and our on-site and off-site backup and storage capabilities have been modernized and greatly improved.

InterVision engages in a wide range of IT consulting services to achieve your outcomes, and we have depth and experience serving all levels of government. We serve all branches of the U.S. military, acting primarily as the professional services and engineering arm of larger DoD contractors through direct subcontractor relationships. Through this experience, we have developed a vast knowledge of various DoD systems, requirements, and general guidelines. We are committed to helping federal agencies prepare for authority to operate (ATO) inspections, facilitate the sharing of data, enhance collaboration among similar agencies, while aggregating systems to improve efficiency and enhance cybersecurity. For state and local government agencies, we have deep knowledge of the contractual vehicle process upon which your constituents depend.

Our priorities and focus serving government have included:

Cybersecurity Enhancement

Secure your networks, applications and data to ensure citizens’ trust is high and government can confidently provide both citizens and agencies with their most fundamental needs, whether it be safe and secure elections, identity access management to allow secure single sign-on and remote access, continuity of medical services, or support for our nation’s defense such as system hardening and security policy creation in accordance with the DISA STIGs, and development and submission of DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) packages.

Systems Efficiency

Enhance government efficiency by architecting and implementing cloud solutions and providing one of the deepest benches of cloud services engineers in the country. Cloud services offer a myriad of ways to help government reduce technology costs, improve government worker output and help government shift from capital intensive projects to more efficient OpEx business models.

Provisioning and Management

From local government agencies up through nationwide branches, we assist in a wide array of technology needs, consulting on product specification and equipment selection based on regulatory requirements, local statutes, common criteria requirements and the DoD APL (Approved Products List). We perform enterprise network and systems design, implementation, and integration with turnkey Engineer, Furnish, Install, & Test (EFI&T) professional services, and can even create technical documentation packages, including TOs (Technical Orders) and SSDDs (Subsystem Design Descriptions). In the end, we assist your agency in all required legwork for the technology lifecycle.

Project Support Services

We have worked on very large complex public sector IT project teams performing many roles including test management, IV&V, system architecture, system development, change management, training, project management, business process optimization, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning.

Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation

InterVision has extensive enterprise architecture, business architecture, information architecture, and technical architecture experience. The biggest single project that involves this type of work is our MITA project with California’s Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS). More recent engagements have included leveraging cloud technologies and ML/AI for smart cities and using AI-driven cognitive services to deliver fully accessible user interfaces for government websites.

Data Optimization

Modernize your agency or office by applying the latest technologies, machine learning, AI and technical expertise to government systems and data to improve responsiveness to citizens and government workers. Whether it’s supporting next-generation 911 services or building BOT solutions to improve access to agency data for disabled citizens, InterVision can architect, build, implement and run the latest innovative solutions to modernize government and make cities smarter.

Optimize Your IT Stance

As a strategic service provider (SSP), InterVision is committed to helping federal, state and local government agencies serve their nation and community. Gartner has suggested IT departments take a “Run, Grow and Transform” approach toward strategizing projects and determining IT investments. InterVision engages in a wide range of IT consulting services to achieve these outcomes:


Ensure Cybersecurity & Compliance
Build Resiliency
Control Costs


Ensure Smooth Migrations
Improve Performance
Establish Operational Efficiency
Enable Your Data


Migrate to Cloud
Perform Advanced Analytics
Leverage Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Assess IoT Solutions

IT Transformation in the Public Sector

Aleta Jeffress, Chief Information & Privacy Officer, City of Aurora, CO

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With approximately 100 AWS- and Azure-certified team members and over 200 technical certifications, InterVision offers a deep bench of experts who have handled many complex IT and cloud projects. We are proud to have been selected as the cloud services partner for some of the largest federal, state and local government agencies in the US. We will work with your team to assess your requirements and configure a solution that matches your goals.

Years of experience in the government sector means we have a deep understanding of government project lifecycles, the contracting and procurement processes, and the common pressures agencies experience in this modern age. Our government depth enables us to tailor highly aligned solutions, deploy highly qualified teams and resources, which translates to the highest value and competitive cost for our government clients. In short, government agencies trust InterVision to deliver.

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