Cloud Cost Optimization

Worried about cloud cost overruns this year?

Seems you’re in good company. Sixty-four percent say that cost management and containment is the biggest concern with running in the cloud.

Expect to Exceed Budget by 20-40%
Expect to Exceed Budget by 40%

How does 30% savings sound?

With an SLA-backed guarantee, we deliver 30% or more savings on monthly AWS costs, helping you establish a pattern of long-term cost-cutting in the cloud.

  • Access guaranteed savings. Reduce your AWS service costs by 30% or more.
  • See near-immediate ROI. Realize savings from the first month with our quick-start process.
  • Offload cost management. Relieve in-demand cloud staff of complex cost management tasks.
  • Lay a firm foundation. Build a strategy to deliver ongoing savings.

“Cloud budget overruns don’t have a singular cause. Instead, they come in a bright rainbow of jelly bean flavors. And, as such, each requires a different kind of response.”

—Lydia Leong, Gartner

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Insight from an intelligent dashboard.

Use the Cloud Cost Optimization Dashboard to monitor and simplify the financial complexity of cloud adoption and relieve high-value staff of time-consuming cost management.

  • Monthly and daily overviews of costs, usage, and savings, with metrics and visualizations.
  • Active commitments including start/end dates and usage levels.
  • Reserved instance coverage to track usage and identify potential waste.
  • Technical costs with spending tracked by instance, location, operating system, and service.
  • Billing data for invoice support.

“InterVision helped us address our AWS spending needs,
with helpful recommendations at every stage of the optimization process.”

—Francesco DeParis
Director of Operations, Couchsurfing


Guaranteed savings with fewer headaches.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we offer deep cloud architecture expertise and sophisticated financial analysis, to give you significant savings. You can expect savings in these areas:

  • Idle Resources. Identify unused AWS services and infrastructure to eliminate unnecessary spending.
  • Compute. Right-size compute resources and review pricing models to optimize performance and cost.
  • Storage. Pinpoint opportunities to minimize AWS storage costs while ensuring availability.
  • Data transfer. Identify and target opportunities to reduce data transfer costs.
  • Governance. Review account structure, notifications, controls, and tagging to implement cost-saving policies, processes, and tools.
  • FinOps savings. Identify available savings plans and credits, and leverage proprietary reserved instances to maximize AWS investments.

Knowledge is power.

Our experts have compiled research and recommendations to help you better understand threats, protection, and solutions.

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