What are the Emerging Technologies in Contact Centers?

When it comes to technology, contact centers have a lot to be excited about. Generative AI, voice recognition tools, and advanced data collection are just a few of the technology trends in customer service that modern contact centers are taking full advantage of. But while these advancements will bring a better experience to customers, it’s worth noting that this technology doesn’t just benefit consumers. Customer service agents also have a lot to look forward to in terms of support and the resources they get to do their jobs. From chatbots that can answer simple questions to adjustable call flows, contact centers and their staff have more control than ever around how they shape their operations.

The contact center has emerged as the bright future for call centers, and much of that is due to technology. Keep reading to learn more about the most important contact center technology trends, and how to use innovative call center technology in your contact center.

What Is the Future of Contact Centers?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that contact centers will set the gold standard for customer service. Contact centers moving forward will have access to more communication channels, information, and customization than ever before. Not only will there be more ways to connect with customers, but these methods will get more accessible to contact centers of all sizes and industries. It used to be that only the biggest, most profitable companies could enjoy advanced technology—but those days are long gone.

Here are some examples of what the contact center of the future will look like:

There is a lot to keep track of in terms of contact center trends. In 2023, Gartner predicted that digital customer service will “transform customer experience outcomes by reducing friction and eliminating unnecessary customer effort.” While the four trends above are certainly highlights, they’re just the beginning in terms of what to expect in the future.

What Are the Technologies My Contact Center Needs?

Every contact center’s needs will vary, but ultimately there are a few things you need at minimum:

  • Omnichannel Communication: Customers don’t want the telephone to be their only option for reaching customer service. In fact, most expect more than one way to connect with you—from email, to chat messaging, and even social media. There’s a reason that contact centers are not named “call centers”: calls are no longer the only way to make contact with your audience.
  • Virtual Networks: Internet-based communication has all but replaced traditional landlines for multiple reasons, one of which is flexibility. Having a virtual contact center makes it much easier to add, remove, and change components about your setup. Digital contact centers are also much easier to troubleshoot if something goes awry.
  • Data Analytics: Collecting feedback from consumers has never been more important. At the same time, it’s never been easier to collect that feedback. From call recording to real-time data analytics, there are now multiple features that help organizations learn from their customers.

How Can I Improve My Contact Center?

Making your contact center shine is all about three things: efficiency, convenience, and flexibility. Modern contact centers have to be efficient in their operations, convenient for the consumer, and flexible as needs and goals change for the organization. Technology can certainly help with all of these—but you have to know what you’re looking for and how to best implement it. Simply adding technology is not always great for customer experience—especially without due diligence. To really see the benefit of contact center technology, you have to make sure you’re getting a setup that’s the right fit for your customers and your operations.

Want More Info About Contact Center Technology?

As you look to improve your contact center, it’s critical to have knowledge on your side. Managed service providers (MSPs) like InterVision exist for that purpose: to help organizations find the right technology for their needs. We partner with a variety of software vendors and help our clients navigate to the best solution for them; not only that, but we help them through the installation and implementation process. If you have any questions about contact center technology or what to look for, please reach out to us!