Global Manufacturing Company Saves 31% with InterVision FinOps for AWS

Ongoing workload optimization and resource allocation cuts costs.


Global manufacturing company looking to migrate their existing data center and legacy infrastructure to the cloud. InterVision’s comprehensive managed services solution covers all of the organization’s intended AWS services, including a broad set of operation systems, containers, AWS WorkSpaces, and security services.


  • Global manufacturer of control equipment, factory automation systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, ticket vending machines, and medical equipment.
  • Over $6.2 billion in annual revenue.


  • Migrate existing data center and legacy infrastructure to the cloud.


  • Upcoming hardware renewal with interest to move to the cloud.
  • Long-term goal: Eliminate their physical datacenter entirely.

Our Solution

  • InterVision executed the migration of all NA workloads to AWS.
  • Used industry best practices during migration for data security & consolidation.
  • Post migration, InterVision continued on-going support to manage cloud workloads.
  • InterVision set up and implemented controls to monitor and contain costs.


  • InterVision completed the migration on time and within budget.
  • InterVision’s ongoing managed services for all of customer’s workloads in AWS freed up their employees to focus on key development work.
  • Drove optimization of the customer’s AWS spend through InterVIsion’s FinOps capabilities.
  • InterVision support uncovered cost-cutting savings with ongoing workload optimization and resource allocation.
  • Customer savings of over $35,583 allowed them to reallocate those funds to other business initiatives, including additional managed services and more workload migrations.

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