Global Manufacturing Company Saves 31% with InterVision FinOps for AWS

About the Organization

The organization is a global manufacturer of control equipment, factory automation systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, ticket vending machines, and medical equipment. This organization has over $6.2 billion in annual revenue.

The Vision and Challenge

The organization had a bunch of hardware that was due for renewal and was interested in moving to the cloud. Their long-term goal was to eliminate their physical datacenter entirely.

Because of InterVision’s previous success with the organization on an OS patching solution, they looked fondly at our dedicated partnership with clients and expertise in managed services. We offered a more comprehensive managed solution than other service providers they were exploring. Our solution covered all of their intended AWS services, including a broad set of operating systems, containers, AWS WorkSpaces, and security services. As a result, they were happy to choose us for the project.

The Outcome

InterVision is supporting the client’s objectives using our AWS Managed Service (AMS) landing zone deployed into AWS, which includes migrating workloads into InterVision managed accounts. The AMS landing zone will provide an AWS cloud environment that is secured with industry best practices as well as ITIL-based change control processes.

In addition to providing managed services for all the client’s workloads in AWS, InterVision is driving the optimization of the client’s AWS spend through our FinOps capabilities. After InterVision architects migrate on-premises server workloads, the FinOps team price the recommended resource specifications offering discounts as high as 31.92% off standard On Demand pricing.

InterVision’s AWS Managed Service (AMS) offers assurance that the client’s environment is well maintained, and issues are quickly addressed. Added together with InterVision’s deep bench of certified engineers and years of experience, the additional ongoing FinOps service ensures that the client’s environment is actively managed for optimal cost and maximized savings. To date, as a result of the engagement, InterVision has been able to offer the client savings of $35,583 over the term of their current commitments, which has allowed them to reallocate those funds to other business initiatives include additional managed services from InterVision. With many more workloads to be migrated, additional savings are compounded.

Looking ahead, there’s an opportunity for increased use of InterVision’s AWS Managed Services, exploring new avenues of innovation and business agility. At every step of adoption for these new service engagements, InterVision’s FinOps team will be there for optimized spending.

Think Cloud Migration is Complicated and Expensive? Think again.