Status Go: Ep. 160 – Meeting You Where You Are

Cyber threats are increasing every day. No longer is it a question of if you will suffer an attack, but when. For the small to mid-sized business obtaining the services of a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) may be out of reach. Allen Jenkins, InterVision’s VP of Cyber Security Consulting, joins Status Go in this episode to discuss the ins and outs of leveraging virtual CISO (aka vCISO) services, what they are, and what the are not. Jenkins, and host Jeff Ton, also discuss security in the cloud and some of the ways you can get started today to make your business more secure.

Allen Jenkins has over 30 years of experience in the  information technology and security field. He has worked in a wide range of positions covering systems administration, systems engineering, management, and consulting. Throughout his career, Allen’s focus has been helping customers align their business requirements with technology needs.

He leads a team that aims to assess, plan, and manage cybersecurity programs to reduce technology risks in their environment. In addition, he and his team conduct cybersecurity incident response activities to help organizations recover from the negative effects of threat actors. Allen also developed SyCom, An InterVision Company’s unique AIM (Advise-Integrate-Manage) cybersecurity process and regularly speaks at events to help raise cybersecurity awareness.

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