Status Go: Ep. 139 – Upleveling Your Team Morale

We have spoken at length on a couple of episodes about how remote work and the new work from anywhere culture has impacted our office spaces, the technology we use and even team dynamics.  What we have not discussed at any length is the impact this abrupt change in the way we work has had on morale.  As IT leaders, we are responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of our teams and it is well known morale has a strong effect on these factors.  In this episode, Jeff Ton talks to Scott Novis, Founder of Bravous Esports, a recreational esports company focused on gaming that fosters both entertainment and connection.  Hear how Scott got started, why Bravous evolved from a focus on kids to both adults and organizations.  This is a crucial time for teams and organizations to find a way to come together, no matter the format.

Scott Novis is a 20 year video game executive who helps teams use video games to create alignment and connection.  A former Vice President of the Walt Disney Company with two engineering degrees and 11 patents, Scott became an entrepreneur when he launched the mobile video game party industry when he started GameTruck.  His latest company, Bravous Esports provides facilitation and production services for private groups.  Bravous focuses on human connection and inclusion.  “You’ll hear from everyone else how important winning is.  At Bravous, we want to host an event where you can make a friend.”

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