Status Go: What’s Next? | Leadership & Career Coaching

One of the most common times we ask ourselves, “What’s Next?” is in the context of our careers, whether that means taking a different role in your organization, going for a promotion or making an even bigger shift.  One of the main strategies we covered in Jeff Ton‘s book “Amplify Your Job Search,” was hiring a career coach.

This week we double down on the “What’s Next?” concept and welcome Brad Finkeldei, President of Career Confidence, a recovering IT professional, turned career and leadership coach.  Brad and Jeff discuss the importance of clarity as a catalyst for creating the change you want as well as the two most common themes Brad sees among IT professionals: fear and false narratives.  This episode is full of stories around how people got out of their own way and created a path more aligned with who they are and what they wanted their life to look like.

Brad Finkeldei is a career & leadership coach for IT professionals and teaches IT professionals to stop second-guessing themselves and to be the leader of their careers. He trains the technicians, engineers and designers, aka the geeks of the IT industry, to be servant leaders so they can inspire their teams, get more accomplished, and reduce employee turnover. Brad’s diverse background in IT including being a technician, engineer, analyst, solutions architect, and a manager provides him experiences to teach others how to work with people more effectively through the power of communication.