Status Go welcomes Matt Walker, a mountain climber who takes leaders into the face of uncertainty, guiding them to overcome challenges in both their professional and personal life among the most difficult environments. When Matt sits down with Jeff Ton he parallels the key components of healthy and safe mountain climbing with that of solid leadership development: extreme communication and transparency, connection, comradery and interconnectedness.

To answer What’s Next? ?” Jeff Ton sits down with Brad Finkeldei, President of Career Confidence to discuss the importance of clarity as a catalyst for creating the change you want as well as the two most common themes Brad sees among IT professionals: fear and false narratives.

To answer What’s Next? ?” Jeff Ton sits down with Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack. Listen as Chris explains what motivated their shift to remote workforce, how they’ve overcome challenges and how they maintain and even elevate their culture. #StatusGo