Status Go: Exploring Uncertainty

This week Status Go welcomes Matt Walker, a mountain climber who takes leaders into the face of uncertainty, guiding them to overcome challenges in both their professional and personal life among the most difficult environments.  When Matt sits down with Jeff Ton he parallels the key components of healthy and safe mountain climbing with that of solid leadership development: extreme communication and transparency, connection, comradery and interconnectedness.

Listen now as Matt explains the common themes he sees among groups he’s led, where the optimal learning zone lies (and what to do when you’ve gone too far) and the importance of self-care.

Friction occurs when we have systems in place that are no longer applicable to the environment we are working in.

Take a deeper dive with Matt’s Accountability Challenge:

Matt Walker, Mountaineer and Principal of Matt Walker Adventures, takes business leaders to new heights – literally.

His philosophy is: the moment you choose to step out of your comfort zone you realize the story and narrative in your head is what is holding you back from living the life you want.

This moment of forward momentum, when your actions and values are in alignment, is what I consider full engagement living. It is the state of high performance where vision and dreams shift into reality – into the here and now.

As the managing director and founder of Matt Walker Adventures, I have more than twenty years of international mountain guiding experience with a Master’s in Organizational Development.

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