Race in Tech | Inside the Numbers

Vinay Bhagat - Founder,CEO of TrustRadius

This week in our StatusGo | Race in Tech Series we go inside the numbers. We are joined by Vinay Bhagat, CEO of Trust Radius, a peer-based technology and business research firm. Trust Radius released the 2020 People of Color in Tech Report. Vinay takes us through the data, what it means to him, and what we can do to move the needle.  He and our host, Jeff Ton, talk about unconscious bias in hiring and promotions, what some discrimination goes unreported, the importance of role models and mentors, and the challenge Diversity & Inclusion initiatives face.  Throughout, Vinay describes the clear actions he has taken in his own company and what we can do in ours.

Discussed in this episode:

2020 Women in Tech Report https://www.trustradius.com/buyer-blog/women-in-tech-report

2020 People of Color in Tech Report:  https://www.trustradius.com/vendor-blog/people-of-color-in-tech-report