Status Go: Create a Culture Plan

CIO, Mike Mead, had three weeks from job offer to the day he started at CNO Financial. Listen in as Status Go host, Jeff Ton, and Mike discuss his first 30 days on the job. What changes did he make after walking in the door? What changes does he wish he made looking back two years later? Mike takes us on a journey and through that journey we learn some incredible leadership lessons. He shows us leaders can be vulnerable as he discusses his feelings walking in the doors on day one. Using candor, Mike describes the interview process in general and what changes he has made in response. He demonstrates knowing his strengths and his weaknesses and engaging with others when help is needed. Mike also provides a lesson in the importance of culture, how to recognize it, how to adapt to it, and how to change it when needed.

Discussed in this episode:

The First 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins

Mike Mead has more than two decades of technology executive leadership experience, specializing in the insurance sector. He is SVP, CIO of CNO Financial Group, a Fortune 600 insurance company based in Carmel, Indiana. In this role he is responsible for developing and executing strategy for information systems and technology infrastructure across the enterprise.

Mike believes technology is all about positioning the business to win. He has a long track record of successfully delivering complex IT transformation programs. Through his energetic, motivational style of leadership, he creates a culture that is innovative, success oriented and fun. Yes, fun!