In this episode of “Status Go,” cybersecurity expert Stan Smith debunks the myth that the cloud is not secure, providing valuable insights and expert guidance on assessing and controlling access levels, conducting effective training, and strengthening your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

CIO, Mike Mead, had three weeks from job offer to the day he started at CNO Financial. Listen in as we discuss his first 30 days on the job. #StatusGo Mike takes us on a journey and through that journey we learn some incredible leadership lessons.

Our guest today, Steve Johns, CEO of OneCause shares the backstory and rationale behind some of his key leadership decisions this year; decisions that set OneCause up for success despite the fact that their primary business model centered around in-person events when the pandemic hit.

In this episode Dr. Natoshia Anderson, VP of Training and Implementation at WOZ ED, discusses the intersection of: being female, being Black and working in STEM. This is an incredibly candid conversation that dives into many issues including what it will take for a true culture shift.

Listen now as Ray Panahon, InterVision’s Head of Technology, Media & Entertainment, sits down with Jeff Ton to discuss the cultural shift happening in order to adapt the transformation of Media & Entertainment.