Status Go: Enabling a Cultural Shift in Media & Entertainment

Episode 36: Enabling a Cultural Shift in Media & Entertainment

Digital transformation – if you aren’t doing it, you’re talking about it and no where does it seem to be more impactful than the Media & Entertainment space.  For those looking to uplevel their game from a creative, collaborative and technical perspective, our guest today,  InterVision’s Head of Technology for Media & Entertainment, Ray Panahon, advises to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Ray acknowledges in many areas of the industry, there is very little margin for error and keeping the integrity of the schedule and creativity is paramount.  Yet, in order to advance or at the very least avoid disruption, a little discomfort will be necessary, “I don’t think change is really recognized without a team being willing to trail blaze and take chances.”  Listen now as Ray sits down with Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances to discuss the cultural shift required to transform in the Media & Entertainment industry today.

Ray Panahon is currently the Head of Technology for M&E solutions at InterVision. Most recently he has lead Technical operations for Esports and led the expansion of operations into Latin America for Riot Games. He’s also held various roles at companies such as Al Jazeera, Current TV, WB and Yahoo with 20 years of industry experience in technology.

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