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We recommend the following cloud solutions:

Private Cloud

  • Our ‘on-premises first’ approach enables you to expand to the public cloud quickly when the time is right, assured you have a strong, stable, foundation.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Simplify the complexity of cloud adoption. Find 30% or more in cost savings almost immediately while setting the stage for a long-term cost savings culture.

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Well-Architected Framework Review

  • We are designated as a qualified AWS Partner with a structured approach for building high quality solutions, implementing best practices, and finding and fixing issues.

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Cloud Security

  • Secure everything you put in the cloud with the ability to scale at DevOps speed.

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Cloud Storage

  • Rest assured you have a reliable cloud storage solution that protects your IP and customer data, provided by a partner who respects your budget.

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Data Migration

  • Ensure your data is migrated and stored in a cost-effective platform with access to analytical tools, data lakes and warehouses, and AI solutions.

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Managed Cloud Services

  • Improve cloud operations and reduce costs. We meet you where you are in the cloud adoption process with guidance from certified architects.

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AWS Cloud Migration

  • Move to the cloud with the promise of accessibility, flexibility, and cost savings leveraging a proven migration method that ensures business continuity and ongoing success.

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Cloud Consulting

  • Access advanced cloud consulting using highly specialized cloud, DevSecOps, machine learning and AI capabilities with our deep bench of AWS and Azure Talent.

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Innovation Services

  • Migrating apps to the cloud in a cost-effective way requires upfront planning and architectural design considerations. Don’t go it alone! Let our experts clearly define your strategy.

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AWS Digital Workplace

  • Quickly and securely migrate desktops to the cloud for remote users at a lower cost than traditional VDI solutions.

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