Vulnerability Scanning as a Service

Detect vulnerabilities
and ward off

Automated scanning can detect vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Consistent insight

Regularly scanning your network gives you the data you needed to respond to potential risks.

Reduce risk

Find the vulnerabilities in your internal and external networks, reducing the risk and the possibility of a major breach.

Save money

Finding and regularly shoring up vulnerabilities in your network saves you from the costly consequences of a breach.

What is Vulnerability Scanning as a Service?

Vulnerability Scanning as a Service (VSaaS) is a fully managed vulnerability scanning platform set up by our certified SOC experts that flags exploitable weaknesses and prioritizes the most urgent fixes.

  • We find the gaps. We continually scan your network perimeter, identifying weak points and suggested fixes.
  • You fill them. Use the results to shore up your defenses and prevent potential network breaches.
  • Everybody wins. Except for the hackers! You get a stronger perimeter and more time for core IT functions.

VSaaS plays well with others

Optimize your cybersecurity program by leveraging raw vulnerability data from Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS). Strengthen your security posture with our vCISO service, and seamlessly implement recommended patching schedules through our Helpdesk and Managed Network Services for effective vulnerability resolution.

Enhance cybersecurity initiatives by incorporating raw vulnerability data from VSaaS. Bolster your security stance with our vCISO service and efficiently address vulnerabilities through recommended patching schedules via our Helpdesk and Managed Network Services.

Fully managed vulnerability scanning

From assessment to ongoing scanning and reporting, VSaaS can help you spot the issues in your network. This is particularly crucial since a recent report found that 20.4% of all vulnerabilities found were high-risk or critical-risk.


Set up a virtual scanner appliance for internal scans.


Conduct external scanning via public IP addresses.

vaas p

Handle all onboarding and change management for the VSaaS platform.

vsaas platform

Perform initial testing, then set up recurring scans to verify access and target lists.

scan target

Deliver detailed individual scan reports, including CVS ratings and suggested remediation’s.

traking platform

Provide ongoing scan results through a secure authenticated ticketing portal.

84% companies with high-risk vulnerabilities on network perimeters

Where is your system most vulnerable?

Phishing, stealing credentials, exploiting undetected system weaknesses—however attackers get in, the potential for damage is high.

Benefit from a comprehensive approach with maximum protection and minimum disruption.

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